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We provide a wonderful China National GeneBank (CNGB) tour during 1st AsiaEvo on 19th April, 2017. CNGB is located in the Dapeng Peninsula, which is known as the Natural Garden of Shenzhen with over 76% of the land covered by forest.

CNGB is an integrated biospecimen repository andgenetic information database to systematically "Store, Decode, Interpret,Write, and Use" genetic data. CNGB represents a new generation of agenetic resource repository, bioinformatics database, knowledge database andtool library, with both traceable physical samples and practical bioinformaticsdata. It aims to create a network to foster global collaboration andcommunication, and to promote innovation in the international economy. 

CNGB's Phase I site is 47,500 m2, and was designed to blend in to the beautiful natural environmental elements. The site includes a peach garden, a terrace, a rock hill, a roof garden and a vertical eco-facade, with a functional industrial design, to achieve a green and carbon-neutral eco-architecture.


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